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The world’s first on-site, sustainable, care equipment fabrication platform.

Our Vision
Point-of-Care Manufacturing

Automedi is the world’s first, smart point-of-care micro FabLab. ​Making health equipment from recyclable thermoplastics, available when and where you need it.

This means no logistics, no delivery delays, no minimum purchases, no training, lower carbon emissions and less inventory to store.



Meet Automedi

Care equipment made
when & where you need it
Combining additive manufacturing, fleet intelligence, AI and intuitive user interfaces,
the equipment is made on-site from an in-built catalogue. Simply select what you need and get started. 



Tomorrow's Supply, Today

Paramount protection. The health and safety of the most precious resources in the health system. No care system can afford each loss.

Instant Fabrication
Manufacturing sustainable high-quality
backup supplies 

Each item is 3D printed from sustainable plastics & our reprocessing facility recycles the plastics into new materials.

Our catalogue of high-quality health and care equipment models are available on the device on or off-line.

Saving money, Saving time and Saving the planet.

Extensive Catalogue
Generic Supplies
Alternative NHS Supply Chain Products
Ou safe and tested alternative supply chain products are certified and delivered directly from manufacturers to Automedi appliances for printing straight away.

Managed Services
Over-the-Air Updates &
Proactive Fleet Engineers

Each self-contained unit is remotely monitored and supported: updates are delivered over the air through our secure private 4G network. Our experienced fleet engineers offer on-site support, replenishing consumables, recycling waste and maintaining any devices calling for help or somehow going AWOL. 

Distribution Sites
Health & Community Directory

Our network partners adopted Automedi in their organisations. and have opened their doors to community use during COVID-10. Search for your nearest Automedi station


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What the Care Industry Thinks

Alpa Ghelani.jpg

Automedi helped strengthen  working relationships with other healthcare professionals, making Alphabet Pharmacy
a hub of primary care”

Alpa Ghelani

Superintendent Pharmacist + Owner

Alphabet Pharmacy, Manchester, United Kingdom

Great British Innovation

This project wouldn't have been made possible without the support of Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.

Innovate UK drives productivity and economic growth by supporting
businesses to develop and realise the potential of new ideas.

Our health innovation ecosystem 
Hardware Technician

Our Story

Automedi was born out of necessity. Bringing together some of the world's best technologists to quickly create and launch a brand new alternative supply chain that makes care equipment shortages a thing of the past.


Health Innovation

Automedi (HQ)

c/o Axelisys, 3 Piccadilly Place,

Manchester, UK M1 3BN

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