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Meet Automedi

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The world’s first point-of-care care equipment fabrication platform.

Automedi combines additive manufacturing, fleet intelligence, AI and intuitive user interfaces to create 3D equipment and products instantly.


Automedi is an elegant solution, designed to solve a number of health, social and climate problems at the same time.


Point-of-Care Fabrication 

The equipment is made on-site from an in-built catalogue. Simply select what you need and get started.


Fast turnarond

Reduce the risk of delays by minimising the number of moving parts in the Supply Chain.


Sustainable Waste 

We use 100% recyclable plastics and collect pre-use waste during maintenance visits. This is then recycled into new raw materials.


Automatic Updates

Benefit from a secured and functioning machine at all times.


Automatic Hardware Upgrades

Get the latest hardware available without a capital outlay.


Versatile Connection

Easily connect to secure 4G, Wired or Wireless networks.


Automedi combines several innovative technologies into one easy-to-use package. 


3D Printing

The newest additive manufacturing
technology in the smallest footprint possible.

Simple User Interface

Straightforward, friendly, innovative interface. 

Automedi interface

Complete Fleet Support

Local field support engineers service the Automedi fleet across the network.

Business People at a Lobby

Frequently Asked Questions

Innovation can be strange, because it is new. We have collated questions from speaking to people and answered them here.


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