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Why Automedi?

Supply Chain Resilience + Circular Economy = Sustainable Development

Care with confidence.

Supplies are deliverable 24 hours a day.

Major & mass incident emergency supply chain available on-site

Shaping new standards

of care through health

science innovation.

Plastics circular economy.

Leading the way towards a better sustainable future.

Health + Care


Intelligent manufacturing solution delivered at the point-of-use.

Automedi's designs & mouldable thermoplastics, can be selected, made and quality controlled by appointed healthcare workers. Our platforms use the highest quality components available with multiple built-in connectivity options, supplied by social enterprises and charitable organisations. 

Watch Automedi's climate case. 


Plastics account for 5 million tonnes of UK waste each year. The NHS alone emits 23 megatonnes of CO2 and generates 133,000 tonnes of plastic care waste annually with only 5% being recycled.

Automedi is more than an edge manufacturing platform. It is a leading circular plastics economy. Not only eradicating all delivery emissions, it also uses novel bioplastics made from crop-waste. Ensuring farmers get the most from their yield, without consuming more land to grow material sourced for plastics. All plastics consumed are recycled into new raw materials.



The effect of mass infections on health and care staff and the subsequent care they provide can be extensive.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the
weaknesses of health equipment supplies. This led to high infection and mortality rate amongst health professionals, and the 14-days of self-isolation required use of bank and agency nursing provision. Causing a substantial increase in the cost of care across the service totalling £3.6 billion.

Furthermore, absence salary costs were £1.07 billion between 20th March and 9th August 2020. Of which, 55% were COVID-19 related infections or self-isolation.

Health + Care

Inappropriate or insufficient supplies are a major risk to health and social care staff and the patients they manage.

Automedi's moulded frames are created in 1 hour 13 minutes plus 5 seconds for a layperson to fit the frames compared to classical equivalents costing between £35 and £85, with a 10-day delivery lead time.

Chirurgiens pendant l'opération

Hitting your Goals

Automedi is committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Since its inception, we've worked hard to develop a strong, accurate impact model that combines health, economics and climate into one integrated and fair decision making tool. 


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