Why Automedi?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Automedi has been working hard to find a solution that supports existing health and care supply chains. Not only does Automedi offer a revolutionary manufacturing system, but it also delivers greater financial and environmental benefits.

Care with confidence.

Supplies are deliverable 24 hours a day.

Major & mass incident emergency supply chain available on-site

Shaping new standards

of care through health

science innovation.

Plastics circular economy.

Leading the way towards a better sustainable future.



Intelligent manufacturing solution delivered at the point-of-use.

Automedi's designs & mouldable thermoplastics, can be selected, made and quality controlled by appointed healthcare workers. Our platforms use the highest quality components available with multiple built-in connectivity options, supplied by social enterprises and charitable organisations. 


Plastics account for 5 million tonnes of UK waste each
year. The NHS alone emits 23 megatonnes of CO2 and generates 133,000 tonnes of plastic care waste annually with only 5% being recycled.

Automedi is a leading circular plastics economy. Not only eradicating all delivery emissions, but all plastics consumed are recycled into new raw materials.

Watch Automedi's climate case. 

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The effect of mass infections on health and care staff and the subsequent care they provide can be extensive.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the
weaknesses of health equipment supplies. This led to high infection and mortality rate amongst health professionals, and the 14-days of self-isolation required use of bank and agency nursing provision. Causing a substantial increase in the cost of care across the service totalling £3.6 billion.

Furthermore, absence salary costs were £1.07 billion between 20th March and 9th August 2020. Of which, 55% were COVID-19 related infections or self-isolation.

Health + Care

Inappropriate or insufficient supplies are a major risk to health and social care staff and the patients they manage.

Automedi's moulded frames are created in 1 hour 13 minutes plus 5-second layperson fitting, instead of classical equivalent which costs between £35 and £85, with a 10-day delivery lead time.

Health Innovation

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