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Policy Statement

Automedi Limited and its parent company, Axelisys Limited, are both members of the OpenPolicy initiative. This aims to make available a set of consistent, ubiquitous, inclusive model policies through an OpenSource model.

The initiative began in 2019 by members of Axelisys' network. It became clear that policy burden inside organisations was huge. The same issues appeared time and time again across companies and the amount of wasted energy or poor policy was putting workers and diverse inidviduals at risk of harm.


Furthermore, smaller and non-profit organisations would struggle to find and appoint legal and policy expertise to create such policy within their organisations, while maintaining a robust service. 


This led Axelisys to consider the collaborative development of high-quality, robust policy statements that can be lightly customised for small businesses across the UK. 

Automedi's follow the model policies presented in that set. Our policies are the totality of the model policies available at: