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Facilities Management

Turning Waste into Parts, Widget and Stock

Hospital waste need not be a liability any more. Working with estates colleagues, acute care can now reprocess waste on-site. Upcycling it into cost-effective facilities equipment. Bringing down the costs of widgets, eliminating transport carbon dioxide and reducing storage space and its impacts.   

Save on Widgets, by Upcycling Waste

Waste products were once useful. Carbon locked into the waste from its manufacture, storage, transport and use. Its destruction releases 45% of it's weight in CO2 and can never be reclaimed through incineration for energy. Forcing the next generation of widgets, connectors and stock, to accumulate its own CO2 emissions.

Using Automedi, you can recycle viable waste into 3D printable polypropylene filament and make a full range of facilities equipment on-site. Reducing the accumulation of new emissions, costs and health outcomes at exactly the same time.


What can it make?

Automedi can make any plastic widget or item of the same material as a conventional fixture. Choose what you need to have in your catalogue and we design and include it, to help your staff get hold of as many items as they would ever need, on-demand, any time.

Want something else? Let us know and we'll design and deploy it. 

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