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Plastic Types

Different plastics have different uses. Plastics should be identified by a "resin code". A number between 1 and 7 that tells you the type of plastic an item or part is made from. 

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Comprehensive Plastic Recycling

We work with multiple different industries to process their waste plastics and can recycle almost all resin codes (1 to 7) and variations. General waste processors can struggle to recycle all plastics because of contaminants and shape. This is rarely an issue for us.


Circular products from care & treatment waste. Radically reducing healthcare emissions 

Laboratory Waste

Turn your plastics into laboratory equipment without buying from scratch. Most PP products are suitable.


Construction plastic is often highly contaminated with masonry. Our unique process can cycle these plastics.

Facilities & Plumbing

Everlasting super-strong fittings used in homes, hydraulics, estates and more.

Parts & Packaging

Strapping and soft plastics are a particular favourite of ours. Our mixes turn soft plastic weaknesses into a strength agent.

DIY & Furniture

Furniture is often hard to dispose of. We take buckets to benches to boxes to shred and remanufacture.

Catering Plastics

Compostable lids, cutlery  & bags are one of our favourites! cPLA and PLA bioplastics extrude very well!

Consumer Electronics

Recycling ABS is not possible through council services. We do this as standard.

Odd Shapes

City councils limit waste by product shape (e.g. bottles only). Meaning lots of plastic still goes to waste! We take those instead!

Pharmacy Plastics

Recycle empty pharmacy pill pots, trays, facemasks, inhaler casings and blister packs into products for care & maintenance.

Ocean Plastics

Often degraded plastics. Hard to recycle because its low grade which we reengineer for purpose.

Not sure if your plastic can be recycled? Contact us to find out

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