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Versatile, Custom Configurations

Automedi has a wide configuration portfolio and can be set up for specific contexts or flexibly balance demand across multiple contexts.

Primary Care Supply

Primary care clusters work to provide Primary Care Networks (PCN) with a robust backup, on-demand, local manufacturing platform to obtain non-medical, low risk medical or emergency supplies of care equipment for local health and social care.

Urban Machine Cluster.png
Hospital Cluster@4x.png

Dedicated Hospital Clusters

Hospital clusters can be configured with their own secure, segregated appliance. Allowing Automedi to be hosted independent of the hospital network. Keeping well away from patient data and removing cyber attack surface area.

Developing world clusters.png

Humanitarian & Developing World

Build humanitarian care supply chains into field hospital contexts and ensure care services are stocked with circular equipment, while facilitating local employment and training to ensure good work and reducing poverty.

Developing world clusters.png

Making Reality Sustainable 

Interested in our sustainability work?

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