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Printing Plastic Skull

How Automedi Works

Plastic waste to products & parts where products are used, not where factories are put

Each community outreach factory combines 2 portable recycling processes with distributed additive manufacturing fleets into a cost-effective circular plastics community economy. Creating Sustainable value and social good from waste materials and providing accessible products to 51% of the world's population currently missing out.


Collect your plastic waste

Safely collects waste plastics from community outreach bins


Recycles into consumables

Sterilises & recycles the waste into additive plastic filaments


Make new items in vending machines

Items are automatically made from it to order from a nano or ecommerce store

Sustainability Results

Find out how much CO2 we saved last year

1. Collect your plastic waste

Used plastics are first collected in dedicated, risk appropriate bins, branded with you, to separate plastics at source. Whether that's community pharmacy or hospital estates.


2. It is safely recycled

Automedi reprocesses materials into consumables for Automedi's additive manufacturing fleet while your care teams continue doing other work. Adding no logistics, saving on waste disposal costs and cutting down emission from dedicate transport. 

3. Make on-demand

That material is then used to make items on demand, through nano's vending interface. Simply tap and go.

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