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Great things in Small Packages

Introducing the world's smallest, smartest vendor


Introducing nano

Ultra-compact, additive microfabrication appliance drives the manufacturing side of the circular economy. 

print hundreds of products using nothing but environmentally friendly, recycled plastics and electricity as raw materials.

Perfect For...

Compact spaces, manned operations & made-to-order volumes

  • Pharmacies

  • Care Homes & Providers

  • Clinics

  • GP Surgeries

  • Veterinary Surgeries

  • Care Product Suppliers

  • Equipment Distributors

Easy to Use

nano has been designed to be used without any understanding of additive manufacturing. If you can use a vending machine, you can use Automedi. 

Check out our video to find out how easy it is. 


Compact, simple, versatile and powerful. 

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Visit our FAQ page to find out more information

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