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Sustainable Development

Good for People and the Planet

Healthy Planet,
Greater Equity

Sustainable material choices are a critical part of the journey to Net Zero and improved biodiversity.

Cleansing the environment of Plastic pollution is a key step in repairing anthropogenic climate injury. Second-life Plastic is a surprising material solution needing responsible processing.

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Plastic's Problem,
Surprising Solutions

A remorseful villain: Plastics pollute the environment but can it also fix it?

Irresponsible use of petroleum plastics has damaged the planet and impacted life on land and sea. Moving to more sustainable materials still leaves 8 billion tonnes needing to be cleaned. Burying leaches toxins, burning it, CO2. 

Circular solutions provide answers


Plastic Harvest

Unique approach to plastic capture and processing, means environmental pollutants become an economic commodity. Cleaning the environment and closing the cost-gap.


A full circular economy under one roof. Cutting out all transportation between economic operators, cuts out all transport emissions and guarantees treaceability.

Where You Are

The only guarantee of true recycling is to do it yourself. Local Circular solutions offer savings, simplicity and social value in ways no other sectoral combination can provide.

Are You Ready to work in Real-time?

We track and report our circularity in real-time. We understanding the inspiration "Autopoiesis". Where natural systems complement each other and develop together. Keeping each other in balance. 


Automedi is "determined" autopoiesis. Our solutions benefit those around us and grow us all together. Save on our own emissions and yours too. Exponentially amplifying the savings made for everyone, the more clusters we have.

To understand this, we recommend reading three topics.

  1. Cooperative games

  2. Shapley values 

  3. Autopoiesis

If you don't feel ready to learn, that's OK. Our basic headline figures you're more used to, are shown below. Come back at your own pace, but take care not to make a wrong turn at the beginning that closes the door to circularity later and makes it much more expensive to change.

If you are ready or think you have what it takes to take your sustainability skills to the next level, read the three documents and visit the live dashboard by clicking the button below.    

Sustainability Charter

Automedi is committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our Sustainability charter presents our commitments to civilisation, social good and the climate. 


In 2015, leaders from 193 countries around the world created a plan for a brand-new future. This plan was called the UN Global Compact on Sustainability and gave rise to 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Download our sustainability charter to find out how Automedi is committed to creating a sustainable future



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