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Our Sample Tags?

Our sample tags have something special about them. They contain wildflower seeds that are one of the best, practical ways to both pollinate and draw carbon from the climate. Our samples then become net-negative.

Contact us to request a Sample and see for yourself


A Climate-negative Sticking Plaster

Our aims at Automedi are tackling health inequality, weaknesses in health supply and climate change. We are not the only ones either. As the UK NHS looks towards its Net Zero deadline of 2040 and 2050, providers will be asked to consider brand new ways of supply in to meet the demand of them by the health service and the Climate.

One of the best ways to meet those targets is to reduce the footprint of your supply chain and not forget the systemic impact between links. As Automedi's raison d'être, tackling low volume production allows you to offer a shared footprint directly to primary care customers and reduces their footprint at the same time.

Gimmick or Greenwashing? Check out our blog post to find out why it isn't

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