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Own your own Franchise


Automedi are proud to give you the opportunity to run your own highly rewarding and successful business.

Automedi was born in response to a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Created by some of the world’s best technologists, Automedi lets health and social care workers sustainably make care equipment closest to its need, whenever they need it. At Automedi, our solutions save time, reduce costs, increase sustainable operations and responsibly tackle the healthcare carbon footprint.
Due to the level of demand for our products across the UK, we have decided to license the business to provide a more local service and take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that exist. We will provide every license operator with the opportunity to build a highly successful business

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Automedi worked hard to support existing health and care supply chains. Not only does Automedi offer a revolutionary manufacturing system, but also delivers greater financial and environmental benefits.

Automedi is the world’s first, smart point-of-care micro FabLab. Making health equipment from recyclable thermoplastics, available when and where you need it. This means no logistics, no delivery delays, no minimum purchases, no customer training, lower carbon emissions and less inventory to store.

Key Franchise Benefits

  • Rights to trade under the Automedi brand name

  • Exclusive franchise territory

  • A central internet microsite 

  • Business processes, systems and templates 

  • Ongoing support and regular business updates

  • Full training in all areas of the business

  • Access to training videos

  • Automedi branded clothing

  • Tools package

  • Manage hardware, R&D and support

Point-of-care manufacturing. Automedi are in health & social care buildings around the country 

Over-the-air Updates & support. Benefit from a secured, functioning machine at all times.

Fast turnaround. Reduce delays by reducing supply chain moving parts

Hardware upgrade rights. Get the latest hardware without a capital outlay 

Recycling 100% of the recyclable bioplastic products back into raw materials

Versatile connectivity. From 4G to wireless and wired, devices are easy for our field-support to maintain.

I Am Ready to Learn More

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