Printing Plastic Skull

How Automedi Works

Circular, Demand-Side Supply

Made where products are needed, Not where suppliers can place Factories

Automedi's versatile configurations combine three different processes into one cohesive circular offering that mechanically then chemically recycles plastic waste into consumables used in Automedi’s additive manufacturing appliances in the field. Saving money by providing cost effective alternatives by making cost-effective alternative supplies, creating local economic value from waste materials and also removing waste from expensive final disposal and incineration chains at the same time. 

1. Collecting your Waste

Used plastics are first collected in dedicated , risk appropriate bins, branded with you, to separate plastics at source. Whether that's community pharmacy or hospital estates.


2. Safely Recycle

Automedi reprocesses materials into consumables for Automedi's additive manufacturing fleet while your care teams continue doing other work. Adding no logistics, saving on waste disposal costs and cutting down emission from dedicate transport. 

3. Print On-Demand

Automedi uses this in community and hospital additive manufacturing units. Orders are placed by GP surgeries, nursing, hospital departments, estates, laboratories, ambulance fleets and more.

Pharmacy staff use Automedi’s 3D print appliances like a vending machine. Simply click and go. Delivering them on the next medicine rounds to minimise any extra transit.


Sustainability Results

Find out how much CO2 we saved last year